Why Oxygen?



Your brain craves oxygen. Increasing the oxygen available to your brain boosts its ability to function, especially during moments of increased stress and higher cognitive requirements. The more pressure you’re under the more you require oxygen to bring you back to your best.

Did You Know?

  • While the brain makes up only 2% of our overall bodyweight, it demands more than 25% of our oxygen use to function.
  • Additional oxygen can improve reaction time, mental clarity and memory.



Your muscles rely on oxygen for energy. During exercise, your muscles have to work harder and require even more oxygen. When your body can’t deliver oxygen to your muscles quickly enough, your muscles begin converting glucose into lactic acid instead of energy. Oxygen helps to breakdown that lactic acid that slows you down and allows you to recover faster.

Did You Know?
  • Oxygen helps cool your muscles and is vital in their ability to recover after a vigorous workout.
  • A study completed at the University of BC in 2015 shows women use more energy when breathing than men because their respiratory muscles require more oxygen.


The guys before us who tried to deliver you oxygen in water used O2, a compressed gas that dissipates from the bottle when it’s opened. Needless to say they failed, and with no science behind them, paved a long path of scepticism along the way. The difference with OXiGEN™ is that it contains a highly stable proprietary O4 molecule that stays in water for at least two years from bottling.

Did You Know?

  • Each 20 fl oz bottle of OXiGEN water has 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen. Most bottled and tap water contains between five and 40 PPM!
  • The proprietary, active ingredient in our water and shot is ASO® (activated stabilized oxygen), which is created by bonding two O2 molecules together to create a highly stable O4 molecule.
  • ASO® was first developed by an aerospace engineer in 1956. Six decades and several improvements after its initial creation, ASO® is now exclusively available through OXiGEN as a ready-to-drink, shelf stable bottled water product.

Peer Reviewed Study on OXiGEN

OXiGEN’s 6-month, double-blind, placebo controlled study conducted at Indiana State University (ISU) has passed peer review and is officially published in the International Journal of the Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN).

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