In the 1950s, an aerospace process control engineer began experimenting with oxygen technologies while working for a federal space research program. Three decades later, he had created his first O4 molecule, the key behind OXiGEN’s active ingredient, ASO® (activated stabilized oxygen).

O4 technology was first developed for water treatment applications as a safe all-natural alternative to chlorine. The solution contained bio-available oxygen molecules (O2) that when bonded together formed a highly stable O4 molecule in a very high concentration. This remarkable O4 molecule was non-toxic and sterilised pathogens on contact while remaining completely stable in water.

Over time, scientists continued to improve the solution and increase the concentration of bioavailable oxygen in the product. While ASO® was originally used for water purification, its balanced pH, non-toxicity and high oxygen content make it the most versatile and safest stabilized oxygen solution available today. And six decades in the making – it is available as a ready-to-drink product for the general public through OXiGEN water and shot.